Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed that VAT is included. As an EU business with a VAT ID, can I use the Reverse Charge mechanism to deduct the VAT when paying?

​Based on the information that has been provided to us by our tax consultant, our conference must be treated as a local live event. Because of this, we must collect VAT and it does not fall under the Reverse Charge mechanism. However, if you are from an EU country outside of Austria, it is typically possible to recover VAT over €50 by applying through the tax authority of your home country.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

​Yes. Just send us an email with your ticket request and we will send you a bill with all the information. 

I only see a few speakers at the moment. Will there be more added?

​We will be updating the speaker list as we get confirmation. We have a minimum of 12 slots on the schedule, with some companies having 2 or 3 speakers onstage. There are a couple of big announcements coming soon, so either sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook to be kept in the loop!

Will we be able to talk to the speakers?

​That is really up to you. All of our speakers will be happy to chat. Don’t be shy.

Can I invite a friend to attend only the party?

​We are looking into to the logistics of this at the moment. If we determine that it is possible, “party only” tickets will go on sale. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date. 

Will there be free beer?

​Of course! With your registration you will receive a limited number of drink tickets for the 2 days. If these are not enough, no problem; our new venue has a bar INSIDE the theater where you can purchase everything from espresso to Jägermeister. 

Is beer the only beverage that is included with the registration?

​This year we are happy to offer a couple of other options for the drink tickets, most likely wine or wine spritzers. More info about this will be available soon.

Can we bring our wife/ husband/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ grandmother/ 2nd cousin’s nephew for free if they are not interested in arch-viz?

​What kind of husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ grandkid/ 3rd aunt or uncle are you? If you still want to bring them, they will need a ticket like everyone else. Bring your whole family and we can talk about a discount!

How much do you charge for an image?

​This is an example of a question you really shouldn’t ask.